Are you tired of dieting and regaining all the weight?  

Ditch the diet mentality and get to the real reasons why you are overweight. Discover why you eat to feel better, so you can free yourself from addiction and overeating .

    •  Sick of hating your body and yourself for being fat?

       Frustrated that you can’t lose weight and keep it off?

     •  Helpless to control your cravings and overeating?

     •  Scared that your weight is affecting your health?

     •  Desperate to find something that works?   



Download Losing Weight with EFT, Losing weight with Love  to find peace with your body and yourself.


“Lauren has enormous compassion, empathy and knowledge regarding overeating and its effect on every aspect of our selves.  Lauren creates a safe space to explore the deepest self-judgments, and after each session I felt I had cleared huge emotional walls making way for the clarity of total acceptance of myself during the journey towards a healthy relationship with with food and a body not collapsing under its own weight.”  –  Debby Ryder, Deep Transformation Session client





To work one on one with me and uncover the reasons you use food to feel better and release yourself to make real changes in your life and stop emotional eating, go here.


OR check out the group program below.







Change your relationship with food and start loving your body!

Get support for 6 months while you tap your way to self acceptance so you can lose weight easily and naturally.  Weekly Emotional Freedom Technique tapping videos, guided journeys, inspirations and much more.

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Some of the changes you can expect in the next 6 months are …..



feeling fat

feeling fabulous

hating your body

appreciating your body

feeling unattractive

feeling safe and sexy

out of control eating

stop eating when you are full

avoiding exercise

enjoy using your body

addicted to food

you choose what you eat

eating for your emotions

eating for your body

feeling shame

loving and accepting yourself


Join the LOVING YOUR WEIGHT OFF 6 month support program now for

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and start tapping away your physical, emotional and mental weight.

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Losing It with EFT

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