Deep Transformation Sessions


• Do you want to finally rid yourself of the burden of emotional eating?

• Are you struggling with a health related diet or food regime?

• Tired of waiting until you are the perfect weight to start loving yourself and living your life fully?


1-2-1 Deep Transformation Sessions can help you resolve your old patterns, stop overeating, choose what you eat and start living fully now.


“As a long time over-eater who has used food as a shield for emotional and physical protection,  I realised long ago  nothing was ever going to change if I didn’t deal with reason for over-eating, I would never get to the place where I could differentiate between hunger for nutrition, and hunger for support and protection, that is until I met Lauren.  EFT has proved to be an extremely powerful tool to delve into and resolve the destructive negativity I have held against myself for being fat.”
Debby Ryder


If you are ready to go deeper into clearing the underlying reasons you keep running back to food for comfort and satisfaction, these sessions are for you.

We will use Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting to uncover and dissolve the old blocks that have led to your weight, body and food issues.  Matrix Reimprinting is an EFT based technique that works with the younger you who experienced the uncomfortable events or traumas in the past that causes your destructive emotional eating in the present.  

These intimate and powerful sessions will fast track you to achieving your self-love and weight loss goals.  There is truly no substitute for a personal experience of these fabulous tools used by a trained professional.


“Lauren’s ability to get to the core of the matter during EFT is one of the gentlest ways I’ve  experienced.  She is sensitive and serious but there is always the balance of humour and even some wild giggling (on my part).  I have always left my treatment sessions with her feeling that resolution has taken place, always uplifted and with joy in my heart.  Thank you, Lauren.”
Fiona Smith

These Deep Transformation Sessions are usually held on Skype in the comfort and privacy of your home.


Deep Transformation Sessions are $70 or R550 each.

A package of 4 Deep Transformation sessions are $240 ($60 each) or R1800 (R450 each)

( International  clients have the $ via Paypal option.  South Africans have the S.A.Rand option and direct bank transfer )


Contact me in the form below to chat and see if we are a good fit to work together, make an appointment or with enquiries and concerns.