Reclaiming your authentic self

Stand out in your business with your unique voice and gifts.
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With all the information you have learnt, the skills and techniques you have acquired from others, have you forgotten your own innate knowledge?  Access your natural gifts and authentic wisdom buried under all the learning you have gathered.  Embrace your own knowing with this Reclaiming Your Authentic Self package.

Using these tools will reconnect you to your original self so you can feel authentic in your work.  You will find it easier to access your true voice and share your special gifts with your clients and your loved ones.  The way opens when we are in integrity in all that we do, our confidence grows and we walk in harmony with the inner knowing of a person of power.  This package brings you into right relationship with yourself and all you do.

In this package you get ...

  • A GUIDED SHAMANIC JOURNEY to find and reclaim your true self.  With shamanic drumming, the help of an animal guide and my voice, you will find and integrate your real self, beyond time and space.
  • AN EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tap-along VIDEO.  When you follow this EFT session you will remember who you are underneath all the teaching you have received from others.  You will allow yourself to use your own voice and personality to shine out into the world.  You know what others have done, now find your own way to share your gifts and live your business.
  • A SACRED SONG - this song is a prayer for connection to the earth, your inner guidance and all that is.  When you sing or listen to this prayer, you are reminding yourself that you are one with everything, a vital part of the pattern of existence.  Sing this song when in doubt, when feeling disconnected, when wanting support.

Remember who you really are and the value you have to share with the world.  Express yourself and your offerings from your connected universal heart.  Be authentic and real with ease and attract your ideal clients with your unique gifts and personal style.