Before and During Photos

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Well here they are, my first Before and During pics. Its been four and a half months since I changed my lifestyle using EFT to help me through the cravings, anger, boredom and emotional upheaval as the issues arose.

loving my weight off
loving my weight off

The first pic was me in February as I began this journey, and the second one is me today in the same top. I can see a difference and I can certainly feel a difference. The top fits quite differently, my  bum is smaller and my tits are actually starting to stick out a bit further than my stomach, which is what I prefer 😉

Although I have cut out carbs from my diet for the health of my particular hormonal soup, it has not felt like a diet so much as a choice. Having tapped away so much that used to sabotage me, I actually want to make healthier choices so it it easy and feels good. It has been a slow loss of weight because of going through menopause and weird hormones and this does challenge me sometimes. But this time I have the tool of tapping which helps me to remember that I am changing my life not going for a quick fix.

It is wonderful to see that it is working. I am really proud of myself. I feel like huge shifts are happening for me and my health and my body. I have even begun to look forward to exercising most days, how bout that!   This time feels quite different from my attempts to lose weight in the past. Three months seemed to be my limit and then something would happen and I would revert back to my old patterns.

I didn’t diet for 13 years, between 1996 and 2009, because I knew from many experiences that diets did not work for me and I would just end up fatter than before, more hopeless and disheartened and angry. And eating more. I didn’t lose or gain much in that time but I was still obsessed with my weight and body issues. I still had not find a way to resolve my emotions, even with all my seeking, learning and healing modalities. I really wanted to end the internal struggles with myself and my weight so I tried dieting again. Twice in two years. Both times I lost about 10kgs/22lb in 3 months. I started looking and feeling good. I could see a big difference. I dropped clothes sizes. I started feeling attractive and a bit sexy. I could do this, no problem. The diets were quite restrictive, but hey, I was working it and feeling very strong and energised.

The first one ended when I went to visit family for an event, ate like a demon and never could get back the focus of it again. That had happened often in the past. Over the following year I put all the weight back on plus a few more kilos for good measure. I tried again a year later and lost about the same in the same amount of time. Started looking good and feeling better.

Then it all fell apart in one day.   Two friends that day commented on how great I was looking. I was feeling great and sexy and full of life. Then later that same day I walked past some men in the village, tourists I think.  They noticed me and said something friendly and complimentary as I walked by.  It was really fine, not sleazy, I was looking for some acknowledgement and I got it. Starting that night, I couldn’t stop compulsively eating for 2 weeks. I watched myself helplessly, as I ate everything I hadn’t been able to eat for 3 months and much more. I looked on horrified, unable to do or say anything to stop the madness. When I surfaced a fortnight later, I knew that I could never do a restrictive diet again until I resolved my emotional issues. I had to find a way to deal with the old beliefs and fears that wouldn’t allow me to feel good, sexy, strong. I knew what was going on, but I hadn’t found a way to deal with it.  A year and a half later I found EFT.

Now being able to tap away issues as they arise allows me to make choices that let the weight go. It’s a beautiful thing.



Shadow Power

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shadow power - losingweithwitheft.comLoving your dark side.

When you decide to love and accept yourself just as you are right now, you have to look into your dark, shadowy, hidden recesses and love what you see there too.

This is one of the hardest things to do. Taking an honest look at who you really are and the things you wish you hadn’t done.

We spend so much time and energy avoiding our darker side. We hide it away from ourselves and everyone else. We ignore it, eat it away, become addicts, have bad relationships, go into debt, avoid responsibility, run around in circles pretending its not there.

Well it is there and we all have one, that is until we shine a light on it and really look.

EFT tapping has helped me look honestly at the most difficult parts of myself – the parts that bring a sick heaviness when I think about them, the parts I deny and reject – and love and accept myself anyway. It is amazing to me how when I do look openly and without judgement, I can see why I behave the way I do,I  understand my responses and have compassion for myself.

When I was afraid to look, I just perpetuated the same self-defeating behavior and thoughts again and again, feeling worse about myself and hopeless to change.

A lot of what is lurking in the dark turns out not to be so bad.  Looking directly and clearly at something frightening in yourself almost always reveals the illusion and what seemed like a monster is revealed as a mouse.

And the stuff that was really bad, well, I just witness it and realise that it is done, beating myself up about it just keeps me stuck making the same destructive and harmful actions. In the same situation now I could choose to do things differently.  I tap on these past regrets and release them.  Ahh freedom.

It is important to understand that everybody is always doing the best they can with what they have inside at any moment, even if their best is pretty shitty.

I have felt the power that enlightening my shadow side has brought to my life. I no longer make excuses to myself for what I do, I don’t have to explain myself to others, I don’t run away from my truth, good or bad and I am aware of what I am working to change. I don’t judge myself and keep stuck, I accept who I am and am able to make changes that are more aligned with who I am now and who I am becoming.

There is so much strength and freedom in loving your shadow. Give it a big hug today.

Relaxed Weight-loss

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compassion-for-myselfI used to feel a desperation to lose weight and lose it fast.  Weight loss and dieting was loaded with so much expectation, pressure, failure and disappointment.  Now I have given myself permission to take my time, change my lifestyle and lose weight permanently.


So here I am I am, 4 months into using tapping to work with food and weight and I am excited and can see my changes and accomplishments.  I have lost about half the amount of weight I would have following a restrictive diet.  I am not quite sure, as I don’t weigh myself anymore.  I use a tape measure around my waist.  In the past I lost about 14 cm when I lost 10 kgs.  I have lost 7 cm so far, so I thats about 5 kgs.  I can see and feel a difference in my body and my clothes are definitely looser.

The process reminds me of a slow relaxed stroll in some rough and rutted terrain.   I am picking my way through obstacles and tapping a path through places that were impenetrable in the past.  I would always get lost or stuck or come up against a block that had no end I could see.  Now slowly, with EFT, I am creating a way through my internal maze.

It sometimes feels really slow, though.  I am not a very patient person and this process confronts my instant gratification syndrome.  I am staying aware and when I catch myself feeling this frustration I consciously relax and remind myself of what I am doing and why I am doing it this way.  I remember that this is a long term goal and it will take time to change my life forever.

This pace allows me to work on loving and accepting myself now.  This process is amazing.  The SelfLove shifts and ebbs and flows, rising higher all the time.  Like watching the tide coming in, I feel increasing levels of acceptance, compassion and gentleness for my life and my journey with my body.  It is quite beautiful and sometimes shocking.  Me, feeling acceptance of my body, my weight!  Wow!

I have moments of gentle compassion for myself as a struggling child of this earth.  Like an angel I hover over the wounded, shamed me and feel such love and compassion for the illusion that she is trapped in.  She can only see herself through the mirror of her own distorted self image.  I see the whole story with all its tragedy, beauty and creativity.

I have growing patience and kindness now for the parts of me that I used to shun and hate.



My Desire Grows

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Desire Grows

My desire to lose the excess weight just grows and grows.  Usually in the past, after 3 months I would have had enough struggling and deprivation and I would given up, packed it in and gone back to the addictive patterns and food I craved.

Now the determination and passion is just growing and spreading.  I feel it in my heart and my stomach, in my groin, coursing through my whole body.

I am so grateful.  I have been terrified I would lose focus and give in to my fears and desires for the taste and comfort of the foods that kept me stuck and numb.  But I just get stronger all the time.  I feel relieved and the more I tap, the calmer I feel.  The vision of myself free of the lifelong burden of weight and shame and helplessness becomes clearer and more frequent.

I love myself for giving me this gift, this release and this freedom.









Wow, its working!

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Tapping Woman

9 May 2014

Its 3 months since Ibegan seriously focusing on getting healthier and fitter and tapping for my weight and emotional eating. I have become Tapping Woman, using my EFT superpowers to dissolve the old blocks that have kept me imprisoned.

My new behaviour is becoming effortless and it hasn’t even been that hard. I have had some intense moments, but I really want to shift so I tapped and sometimes I ate what I was craving, but not as much and not so often as before.

I am eating less at one sitting. I just keep what is left over and eat it later or tomorrow or not. I usually eat 2 big meals a day, so now its more like 2 smaller meals and a snack in the middle. Its actually really convenient having left over salad or something cooked for when I get hungry 3 or 4 hours after a meal. I am eating less at night too. Still more than I need but not so much after-dinner restless snacking or bingeing.  And not so much carby crap.

I am a bit frustrated at how slowly weight Is coming off. I know that if I had done what I am doing now 10 years ago it would have come off much faster.  So I keep reminding myself that I really do want to change my behaviour and my deep aching desire is for a new relationship with myself, my body and food.  That keeps me on track.  My strong desire.

I think when you are young, the weight comes off easier. It used to for me. The PCOS and menopause are making it slow now. That is just fine. I am changing my life, not going on a diet.

If I focus on the weight too much I start to feel a bit frustrated and desperate, so I focus on the shift that is taking place within and calm myself with tapping and then I remember what I really want to do. I am giving myself the time to change deeply and forever.

Dieting and exercise used to be so strict and formal and severe for me and if I cheated or missed I felt such a failure. I was too weak, felt too hopeless to ever stick to such a rigid regime without breaking out, or away, or off from it. So I would just give up if I fell off the diet. And the rebel in me just hated the strict structure and deprivation of dieting and the punctilious finger pointing of so many of the exercise classes or videos I tried. Nothing ever lasted more than two or three months.

This time I am strangely having fun. I am creating a way of eating that works for me. I decide what to eat for my greater good. I am exercising in a way that I enjoy and getting great results. I am staying conscious.

I am feeling more and more confident that I can and am changing. I am aware of myself fit, healthy and slimmer, in my head, all the time, just off to the side. And sometimes the slimmer me spontaneously pops into my inner vision. Such joy and reassurance to allow myself to even go that far. To really see the me I am becoming. I never have before. I never believed it before. Not really.

Its hard sometimes, I kid you not, but having something like EFT to bring me back to my true desire is such a relief. I am so sick of living my life with the same old issues. Bored with the repetition, frustrated and holding back. I do not want to waste one more day of my life feeling bad about myself and waiting to lose weight.



Don’t weight until you lose weight!

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weightingI am not my perfect weight, nowhere near it.

I have lived most my life holding back until I lost some weight, looked better, sorted out my blocks and issues.  I put off, procrastinated, and prevented myself from doing so much that I wanted to do because of how I looked and how I felt about myself, but not anymore.  I am not weighting any longer to live my dream. A dream I have had for about 10 years.

This is the dream …..

I find a way to lose weight and keep it off, and then I share it with the world.

Ta Daaa!

This dream started becoming real in December 2012 when I learnt Emotional Freedom Technique and began using it to tap on all the issues that keep me stuck, and weighting. It began when I decided to give myself 3 years to focus on my emotional eating, my physical health and getting rid of the old crap that has weighed me down for decades.

In the past I tried to lose weight as fast as possible, this time I am giving myself time to change my from within.  After a lifetime of dieting and struggle, I understand that I need time to get free of the old issues that weigh me down so I can lose excess weight naturally.

One year of tapping later, and I am quite altered. I no longer judge myself, phew, and have begun to change my eating to suit my body and my health, not just my mouth and my emotions.

I honour and accept who I am, and my behaviour is changing slowly through this loving attitude to myself. I am becoming self supporting rather than self destructive. And there is no effort other than tapping!  By tapping my resistance and pain away, i find myself making different choices and its so much easier to stay clean and focussed on my choices

Although I don’t believe deprivation or restrictive dieting lead to permanent weight loss, (done that a hundred times, it doesn’t work if you have underlying reasons for needing to be fat) I have chosen to make big dietary changes for my health.  I am quite surprised how easy it has been with the help of tapping.

I am following my own Loving Your Weight Off program and releasing my old ways and discovering a whole new world.  I am living a new life.

And I am doing it now.

Live and love your life today whatever you weigh,



Losing It With EFT

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tapping with losing weight with eftHi and welcome to my blog – Losing it with EFT

Here is where I share my journey with you.  I am using my 6 month program LOVING YOUR WEIGHT OFF to learn to love and accept myself so I can lose weight easily and naturally.

I am really excited to take the next step to getting past my overeating and addictive food behaviors.  Finally!

I have been tapping for about a year on everything.  Now, I focus my tapping on the reasons why I run to food to feel better, to escape, to treat myself, for fun, for pleasure and for pain.  I use EFT to tap away cravings, avoidance, old emotional blocks and self destructive patterns and to tap in new supportive and healthy self loving behavior.  It is working, my food choices are changing and so is the amount of food I am eating and I am more accepting of myself and my past which allows me to respect myself through the choices I make now.

I hope you will join me if you need this kind of life changing process too.

Download the free ebook on my site to find out much more about why you eat when you are not hungry and how EFT can help you change this and go check out the video on my youtube site to experience tapping for overeating.  If you are new to EFT  watch the How to Tap video first.