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Well here they are, my first Before and During pics. Its been four and a half months since I changed my lifestyle using EFT to help me through the cravings, anger, boredom and emotional upheaval as the issues arose.

loving my weight off
loving my weight off

The first pic was me in February as I began this journey, and the second one is me today in the same top. I can see a difference and I can certainly feel a difference. The top fits quite differently, my  bum is smaller and my tits are actually starting to stick out a bit further than my stomach, which is what I prefer 😉

Although I have cut out carbs from my diet for the health of my particular hormonal soup, it has not felt like a diet so much as a choice. Having tapped away so much that used to sabotage me, I actually want to make healthier choices so it it easy and feels good. It has been a slow loss of weight because of going through menopause and weird hormones and this does challenge me sometimes. But this time I have the tool of tapping which helps me to remember that I am changing my life not going for a quick fix.

It is wonderful to see that it is working. I am really proud of myself. I feel like huge shifts are happening for me and my health and my body. I have even begun to look forward to exercising most days, how bout that!   This time feels quite different from my attempts to lose weight in the past. Three months seemed to be my limit and then something would happen and I would revert back to my old patterns.

I didn’t diet for 13 years, between 1996 and 2009, because I knew from many experiences that diets did not work for me and I would just end up fatter than before, more hopeless and disheartened and angry. And eating more. I didn’t lose or gain much in that time but I was still obsessed with my weight and body issues. I still had not find a way to resolve my emotions, even with all my seeking, learning and healing modalities. I really wanted to end the internal struggles with myself and my weight so I tried dieting again. Twice in two years. Both times I lost about 10kgs/22lb in 3 months. I started looking and feeling good. I could see a big difference. I dropped clothes sizes. I started feeling attractive and a bit sexy. I could do this, no problem. The diets were quite restrictive, but hey, I was working it and feeling very strong and energised.

The first one ended when I went to visit family for an event, ate like a demon and never could get back the focus of it again. That had happened often in the past. Over the following year I put all the weight back on plus a few more kilos for good measure. I tried again a year later and lost about the same in the same amount of time. Started looking good and feeling better.

Then it all fell apart in one day.   Two friends that day commented on how great I was looking. I was feeling great and sexy and full of life. Then later that same day I walked past some men in the village, tourists I think.  They noticed me and said something friendly and complimentary as I walked by.  It was really fine, not sleazy, I was looking for some acknowledgement and I got it. Starting that night, I couldn’t stop compulsively eating for 2 weeks. I watched myself helplessly, as I ate everything I hadn’t been able to eat for 3 months and much more. I looked on horrified, unable to do or say anything to stop the madness. When I surfaced a fortnight later, I knew that I could never do a restrictive diet again until I resolved my emotional issues. I had to find a way to deal with the old beliefs and fears that wouldn’t allow me to feel good, sexy, strong. I knew what was going on, but I hadn’t found a way to deal with it.  A year and a half later I found EFT.

Now being able to tap away issues as they arise allows me to make choices that let the weight go. It’s a beautiful thing.



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  1. minette2012

    I so resonate with your journey and your story! I also have had that same reaction of eating compulsively when receiving compliments and attention. Lots of past history there. EFT has helped me, too, to move through the blocks, the guilt, fear and shame so that I can make healthier choices. Your pics look awesome!!! Can’t wait to see your progress.
    Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

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    • Thanks Minette, there are so may of us that are struggling with compulsive eating, it’s such a relief to finally find something like EFT to help us get through it. So glad you are making healthier choices too.

  2. Pictures really tell the story! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for commenting Stacy, so glad you can see a difference

  3. Wow! Congratulations!! I am a fitness coach who currently has 25 pounds to lose post baby, and to get myself to do it, I created a free 30 day weight loss challenge on Facebook. I am going to post your blog to our private group (about 200 people in there- all with different struggles around their bodies and weight loss) as the topic of EFT has not yet come up. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. Thanks Miranda, that would be great, I really am passionate about people discovering what a huge help EFT is to getting to the real reasons we overeat and releasing them so they can lose weigh more easily and permanently. Appreciate you sharing this post with your group and they can get their free ebook too. While weight loss can be tedious it can also be a great journey of self discovery and release. Much success to you on your challenge. I will check it out on your fb page.

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