Don’t weight until you lose weight!

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weightingI am not my perfect weight, nowhere near it.

I have lived most my life holding back until I lost some weight, looked better, sorted out my blocks and issues.  I put off, procrastinated, and prevented myself from doing so much that I wanted to do because of how I looked and how I felt about myself, but not anymore.  I am not weighting any longer to live my dream. A dream I have had for about 10 years.

This is the dream …..

I find a way to lose weight and keep it off, and then I share it with the world.

Ta Daaa!

This dream started becoming real in December 2012 when I learnt Emotional Freedom Technique and began using it to tap on all the issues that keep me stuck, and weighting. It began when I decided to give myself 3 years to focus on my emotional eating, my physical health and getting rid of the old crap that has weighed me down for decades.

In the past I tried to lose weight as fast as possible, this time I am giving myself time to change my from within.  After a lifetime of dieting and struggle, I understand that I need time to get free of the old issues that weigh me down so I can lose excess weight naturally.

One year of tapping later, and I am quite altered. I no longer judge myself, phew, and have begun to change my eating to suit my body and my health, not just my mouth and my emotions.

I honour and accept who I am, and my behaviour is changing slowly through this loving attitude to myself. I am becoming self supporting rather than self destructive. And there is no effort other than tapping!  By tapping my resistance and pain away, i find myself making different choices and its so much easier to stay clean and focussed on my choices

Although I don’t believe deprivation or restrictive dieting lead to permanent weight loss, (done that a hundred times, it doesn’t work if you have underlying reasons for needing to be fat) I have chosen to make big dietary changes for my health.  I am quite surprised how easy it has been with the help of tapping.

I am following my own Loving Your Weight Off program and releasing my old ways and discovering a whole new world.  I am living a new life.

And I am doing it now.

Live and love your life today whatever you weigh,



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