Losing It With EFT

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tapping with losing weight with eftHi and welcome to my blog – Losing it with EFT

Here is where I share my journey with you.  I am using my 6 month program LOVING YOUR WEIGHT OFF to learn to love and accept myself so I can lose weight easily and naturally.

I am really excited to take the next step to getting past my overeating and addictive food behaviors.  Finally!

I have been tapping for about a year on everything.  Now, I focus my tapping on the reasons why I run to food to feel better, to escape, to treat myself, for fun, for pleasure and for pain.  I use EFT to tap away cravings, avoidance, old emotional blocks and self destructive patterns and to tap in new supportive and healthy self loving behavior.  It is working, my food choices are changing and so is the amount of food I am eating and I am more accepting of myself and my past which allows me to respect myself through the choices I make now.

I hope you will join me if you need this kind of life changing process too.

Download the free ebook on my site to find out much more about why you eat when you are not hungry and how EFT can help you change this and go check out the video on my youtube site to experience tapping for overeating.  If you are new to EFT  watch the How to Tap video first.


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