My Desire Grows

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Desire Grows

My desire to lose the excess weight just grows and grows.  Usually in the past, after 3 months I would have had enough struggling and deprivation and I would given up, packed it in and gone back to the addictive patterns and food I craved.

Now the determination and passion is just growing and spreading.  I feel it in my heart and my stomach, in my groin, coursing through my whole body.

I am so grateful.  I have been terrified I would lose focus and give in to my fears and desires for the taste and comfort of the foods that kept me stuck and numb.  But I just get stronger all the time.  I feel relieved and the more I tap, the calmer I feel.  The vision of myself free of the lifelong burden of weight and shame and helplessness becomes clearer and more frequent.

I love myself for giving me this gift, this release and this freedom.









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