Relaxed Weight-loss

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compassion-for-myselfI used to feel a desperation to lose weight and lose it fast.  Weight loss and dieting was loaded with so much expectation, pressure, failure and disappointment.  Now I have given myself permission to take my time, change my lifestyle and lose weight permanently.


So here I am I am, 4 months into using tapping to work with food and weight and I am excited and can see my changes and accomplishments.  I have lost about half the amount of weight I would have following a restrictive diet.  I am not quite sure, as I don’t weigh myself anymore.  I use a tape measure around my waist.  In the past I lost about 14 cm when I lost 10 kgs.  I have lost 7 cm so far, so I thats about 5 kgs.  I can see and feel a difference in my body and my clothes are definitely looser.

The process reminds me of a slow relaxed stroll in some rough and rutted terrain.   I am picking my way through obstacles and tapping a path through places that were impenetrable in the past.  I would always get lost or stuck or come up against a block that had no end I could see.  Now slowly, with EFT, I am creating a way through my internal maze.

It sometimes feels really slow, though.  I am not a very patient person and this process confronts my instant gratification syndrome.  I am staying aware and when I catch myself feeling this frustration I consciously relax and remind myself of what I am doing and why I am doing it this way.  I remember that this is a long term goal and it will take time to change my life forever.

This pace allows me to work on loving and accepting myself now.  This process is amazing.  The SelfLove shifts and ebbs and flows, rising higher all the time.  Like watching the tide coming in, I feel increasing levels of acceptance, compassion and gentleness for my life and my journey with my body.  It is quite beautiful and sometimes shocking.  Me, feeling acceptance of my body, my weight!  Wow!

I have moments of gentle compassion for myself as a struggling child of this earth.  Like an angel I hover over the wounded, shamed me and feel such love and compassion for the illusion that she is trapped in.  She can only see herself through the mirror of her own distorted self image.  I see the whole story with all its tragedy, beauty and creativity.

I have growing patience and kindness now for the parts of me that I used to shun and hate.



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