Shadow Power

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shadow power - losingweithwitheft.comLoving your dark side.

When you decide to love and accept yourself just as you are right now, you have to look into your dark, shadowy, hidden recesses and love what you see there too.

This is one of the hardest things to do. Taking an honest look at who you really are and the things you wish you hadn’t done.

We spend so much time and energy avoiding our darker side. We hide it away from ourselves and everyone else. We ignore it, eat it away, become addicts, have bad relationships, go into debt, avoid responsibility, run around in circles pretending its not there.

Well it is there and we all have one, that is until we shine a light on it and really look.

EFT tapping has helped me look honestly at the most difficult parts of myself – the parts that bring a sick heaviness when I think about them, the parts I deny and reject – and love and accept myself anyway. It is amazing to me how when I do look openly and without judgement, I can see why I behave the way I do,I  understand my responses and have compassion for myself.

When I was afraid to look, I just perpetuated the same self-defeating behavior and thoughts again and again, feeling worse about myself and hopeless to change.

A lot of what is lurking in the dark turns out not to be so bad.  Looking directly and clearly at something frightening in yourself almost always reveals the illusion and what seemed like a monster is revealed as a mouse.

And the stuff that was really bad, well, I just witness it and realise that it is done, beating myself up about it just keeps me stuck making the same destructive and harmful actions. In the same situation now I could choose to do things differently.  I tap on these past regrets and release them.  Ahh freedom.

It is important to understand that everybody is always doing the best they can with what they have inside at any moment, even if their best is pretty shitty.

I have felt the power that enlightening my shadow side has brought to my life. I no longer make excuses to myself for what I do, I don’t have to explain myself to others, I don’t run away from my truth, good or bad and I am aware of what I am working to change. I don’t judge myself and keep stuck, I accept who I am and am able to make changes that are more aligned with who I am now and who I am becoming.

There is so much strength and freedom in loving your shadow. Give it a big hug today.

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    I seen your blog on “share your blog” from Rachel Lavern. I love this topic because we do need to acknowledge that “dark” side of us. I had used EFT in the past to rid some internal fears. I am not the kind of gal that is comfortable letting fear stand in my way. I practiced EFT like crazy. Now, if I ever get to that “fear place” my tapping comes in handy and fear just goes away!

    Thank you for writing about this because I had success myself.


    • great to hear from you how tapping is such an effective tool to deal with our difficult emotions and release them. thanks you for sharing your experience :-)

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