Finally something that really works!

This was the sigh of relief, the inner shout of joy that radiated through me after experiencing Emotional Freedom Technique  properly for the first time.  I was blown away by how quickly and easily I was able to access feelings and experiences that had eluded me for years, and release them without trauma.  And I saw the same response from all those around me.  

Eft is especially good in dealing with:    

• weight loss       • cravings • self acceptance
• anxiety • depression     • trauma
• pain • PTSD • phobias


There is no fuss, mess or physical discomfort and little talking, time or stress involved in this process.  There are no conflicts with dogma, religion, cultural, moral or philosophical opinions and it compliments any physical/ emtional/ mental or medical therapy there is.  Time and space hold no bounds for this universal technique.  Emotional Freedom Technique can be done with a practitioner in person or on the phone, via skype, by proxy, watching others, or you can do it on yourself at home.  Very young children respond to it and so I hear, do animals.


The basic premise of EFT is that all pain,

mental, emotional, physical or spiritual,

is due to a disruption of the flow of energy in the body.


Using light tapping on meridian end points on the face and chest and speaking while focussing on an issue or problem, we smooth out the disruption and the pain, (mental, emotional or physical) is reduced or dissapears within minutes.  Specific traumatic events can be resolved immediately while long term painful emotional states may take longer to work through as we peel away and release each aspect of emotional intensity.




Download the free ebook LOSING WEIGHT WITH EFT for much more information about EFT .  

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“I have experienced EFT with Lauren and it was rapidly and radically transformative of my emotional, psychic and physical reality. Lauren has held me through this with immense love, wisdom and care. She is a profoundly wise and compassionate guide. It brings tears to my eyes just feeling into the gift that she is to the planet – and to everyone who is fortunate enough to get to work with her.”    Shakti

In over 30 years of exploration of spirit, health and wholeness I have experienced and discovered many wonderful methods of releasing the past, being in the present, accessing inner states, connecting with nature and healing the soul, but never have I been so instantly and profoundly released and transformed than by the simple words and gentle tapping of EFT.

My particular interest is weight and body acceptance, because this issue has been my teacher and adversary most of my life.  I have been determined to find a way to release weight gracefully, without dieting.  After 40 years of struggle, I have come to the understanding that most excess weight is a symptom of emotional unease, and food is used as a tool for pacifying and protecting, calming and controlling, saying ‘I hate you’ or ‘I love you’.  It is sometimes the only way we have of taking control of our lives, even though it often leaves us feeling out of control.


Dieting only addresses the physical intake of food, not the underlying compulsion to eat.  

This has been my focus since 1996 when i realised that diets don’t work.  After all, I had been dieting on and off since I was 12 and at 33 I was still fat and unhappy about it.  No matter what I tried or how much I lost, it always came back again.

With EFT, I have found a tool to gently tap away old emotional pain and fear, start to love and accept myself as I am and begin to release the weight that I have used to me safe and grounded.  Weight is a powerful tool of protection.  

Tapping brings peace, safety and acceptance that slowly allows you to make more conscious choices around food.  It is possible to tap instead of eating emotionally and find the release and comfort within that you used to get from food.

You can try it for yourself by downloading the free ebook LOSING WEIGHT WITH EFT at the top of the page in the sidebar.  In it you will find exact information about how to tap and links to videos for instruction and a tapping video dealing with Overeating.

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