For six months get the help and support you need to permanently change your relationship with food and your body.  You will lose weight, lose shame and lose pain.  You will gain confidence, gain love of yourself and your body and gain freedom from your old weight, food and body issues.  Conquer emotional eating, over-eating and body hatred.  Get relief from cravings and food obsession.  Re-create your life your insight and your body from the inside out.

Although there will be information, recipes and inspiration for you around food and exercise, this is not a diet or an exercise regime.  You already know what you should eat and how to move your body to lose weight, but that is not enough.

This is a program designed to get to the roots of your eating and body issues and release the reasons why you eat when you are not physically hungry and why you turn to food for comfort, pleasure and support when you really don’t want to.  Get free from your old destructive behaviors so you can choose what and how much you eat without struggle.  Food is not the enemy or the problem, find out what is and deal with it and your eating behavior will change forever.

Six months is long enough to change your habits, addictions and your life forever.  I will be there to help, encourage and guide you all the way, you are not alone.

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for just $25 / R250 per month

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to directly address the issues that keep you eating when you are not hungry, to deal with cravings and emotional issues


to increase your self acceptance and stay focused on your goals and dreams


to help and remind you  to love and accept yourself as you are right now, a key factor in allowing change into your life


fun and creative play giving your inner self a chance to speak 


keeping you up to date about food, nutrition, exercise and mind/body health 


where you can all share your stories and benefit from others experiences.

This support is not just about losing fat or body weight.  This is about losing the weight of shame, pain and blame that keeps you eating and eating when you are not physically hungry.  This will help you lose the weight of constantly worrying about what you look like, what your are eating, that you are not exercising enough, that your health may be suffering, obsessing about whether to do the next diet, the fear of not being able to stick to a diet, the disappointment of failing to lose weight or of keeping it off, worringing what others think of you; the list of stress and mental energy wasted is endless.  Through EFT you can relieve the burden of all this and start to enjoy who and what you are right now.  And you will lose physical, mental and emotional  weight.

Its taken a while to put your weight on and it will take a while to get it off if you want it to be permanent.  This program is for 6 months, long enough to change your habits and addictions and craft yourself a new life style that suits you and supports the new you.

  • The new you who eats only when hungry and stops when satisfied.

  • The new you who eats whatever she wants, and it’s usually nourishing real food… truly, you will see.

  • The new you who feels fabulous, now.

  • The new you who loves, accepts and appreciates yourself just as you are.

  • The new you who deals with life as it happens and takes full responsibility for your feelings,  good and bad, and loves and accepts yourself anyway.

  • The new you who chooses confidently what is right for you.

  • The new you who says YES! to life and health and love, and NO! to anything that doesn’t support you.  


“Being a very shy and self-conscious person with a heck of an ‘outside’ persona to cope with all that secret inner stuff – I find it hard to trust anyone, especially when it comes to really private issues like my thoughts about my looks, weight, identity and femininity. The EFT course I did with Bennie Naudé was excellent but so traumatic that I couldn’t even look at the social photographs for a long time. Yet I was drawn to Lauren, who was one of  several facilitators at the course, not just because of the air of sincerity that surrounds her, but I felt a sense of safety with her. Not overly compassionate and one of those ‘ag siestog shame’ -types, but a gentle, yet stern voice of reason. Someone who has walked the path and IS walking the path herself. I found her to have very good insight and that she side-steps bullshit with a gentle smile and then nails you exactly where your little Inner Child is hiding under the suit of blubber.
To date I have made major changes in my life. I have gone from being a lamb chop kinda Namibian farmer gal to the first three months of being vegetarian (began January 13, 2014)and now I’m well on my way into the new frontier of being a raw vegan. Although this in not everyone’s path, I feel that some of the emotional blockages I had were definately cleared out with Lauren’s help. Man, it was sweet and its just getting sweeter and sweeter. ‘n Mamoerse groot dankie.”
Anoeschka – Deep Transformation Session client

When you join LOVING YOUR WEIGHT OFF you get 6 months of Support

Starting January 2015 

for just $25 or R250 per month 


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A Skype session with me to pin point your personal issues

Tap-along-videos every week

Audios that take you to new places within yourself.

SelfLove letters that remind you how amazing you really are.

Inspirations that help you go deeper into you.

Information and inspiration around food, health and exercise.

Facebook sharing and support.


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