Hi, my name is Lauren Sweet, I am an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, Shamanic Healer, Pranic Healer, Astrologer, Artist, Sacred Singer.

I am also an emotional muncher, food binger, compulsive overeater and long time PCOS sufferer.

I live in sunny South Africa on the southern coast, the Garden Route.  It is a magnificent part of the country with sea, forests, rivers, lakes, mountains and a very specific flora.  I live in beauty.

In my life long exploration of creativity, spiritual healing, health and wholeness I have experienced and discovered many wonderful methods of releasing the past, being in the present, accessing inner states, connecting with nature and healing the soul.  I have traveled to many worlds within and without, met and got to know guides, teachers, companions and clients.  The furthest reaches of the human mind, body and spirit have been my playground and my school.  My teachers have been healers, astrologers, spirit guides, power animals, shamans, energy workers psychologists, artists and philosophers.

I have studied, shared and experienced many wonders, but never have I been so instantly and profoundly released and transformed than by the simple words and gentle tapping of EFT.

My particular interest is weight and the body/emotions, because these issues have been teachers and adversaries most of my life.   I have been determined to find a way to release weight gracefully, without restrictive dieting that does not work long term.  I know diets don’t work from the experience of years of dieting and gaining it all back the moment the diet ends, plus a few extra kilos.  After nearly 40 years of struggle, I have come to the understanding that most excess weight is a symptom of emotional unease, and food is used as a tool for pacifying and protecting, calming and controlling, saying ‘I hate you’ or ‘I love you’.

Eating is sometimes the only way we have of taking control of our lives, even though it often leaves us feeling out of control.  Until the emotional reasons for overeating are addressed, weight will always return.

Dieting only addresses the physical intake of food, not the underlying compulsion to eat.  This has been my focus since 1996 when I realised that diets don’t work.  After all, I had been dieting on and off since I was 12 and I was still fat and unhappy about it.  No matter what I tried or how much I lost, it always came back again.

I decided to stop the madness, and I didn’t diet for 12 years.  I didn’t lose weight, but I never gained much either.  But my internal battles still raged, never finding peace, never accepting myself being fat, hating the way I looked.  Nothing really changed.

In frustration in 2009/2010 I tried 2 diets in quick succession, both times sustaining the diet for 3 months, losing 10 kg, then losing focus and ending up, 3 months later, having gained back all the weight plus a few more kilos.  I felt completely helpless and out of control, confused and frightened, but it reconfirmed my understanding and knowledge that dieting was not the answer for me.  My emotional pain had not changed and so until I dealt with that, the weight would not stay off….. I felt safer being fat.

I have explored many modalities and therapies, sometimes addressing my weight and sometimes not.  I have worked constantly on my body by myself and have gained deep and profound insight but I still sit with the deep feeling that it is unsafe for me to be slim and attractive.

With EFT, I have found a tool to gently tap away my life long issues, and am finally able to start releasing the weight that has kept me safe and grounded, a powerful tool of protection.  Tapping brings peace and acceptance and that is slowly allowing me to make more conscious choices around food.  Often I will tap instead of eating and I find release and comfort without the calories.  Most importantly, I am learning to love myself just as I am now.

I am in no rush.  I have lived with these issues most my life and finally, with EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other  tools, I am shedding my extra weight as I gently resolve and release my past and with it the need for emotional overeating.

I invite you to join me on this adventure to release the need to be fat. I have not come to the end of my journey yet, but I am well on my way to freedom.  I am having a fabulous time and loving every step I take, getting lighter and more confident, safer every day.  I feel accepting and kind towards my body for the first time.

My blog – Losing It with EFT is here if you want to find out how its going and my membership programme is here if you want to join me in the fun. xxx