After tapping on all sorts of things through 2013 I am now ready to focus on my weight and body and use EFT to end overeating and to make conscious food choices. To eat for my body and my health, not just for my emotions and my mouth.


I dedicate the next 6 months to releasing the underlying emotions that keep me overeating. I use EFT and other helpful tools to dissolve my old triggers and change my relationship to my body and food.


I have designed a program based on the healing modalities that I practice and my many years of research into the body/mind connection and nutrition. I use this plan to keep me motivated and connected to my goals.


If you are living and suffering with weight and body issues, why don’t you join me.


I tap everyday, exercise most days and eat what I consciously choose to. Whenever I start craving food, even healthy food, I tap on what is really going on inside me. Emotion, addiction, chemical imbalance? I stop using food to soothe myself when I am not hungry and tap instead. I tap whenever I feel resistance to exercising and have begun enjoying moving my body.

Through the tapping I have already done I have lost some physical weight, but more importantly, I have lost emotional weight and I feel so differently about myself and my life.

I want to share this adventure with you through the Loving Your Weight Off 6 month tapping program. My blog and Losing Weight with EFT facebook page will be a good place to share our experiences. Welcome to health, vitality and release from shame, pain and blame.


Lauren Sweet

25 April 2014

Wilderness, South Africa