Hey there powerful PCOS woman!

Are you ready to love and accept yourself now, with all your PCOS symptoms and problems?

You can feel confident, feminine, sexy and valuable just as you are!

Ditch the depression, vanquish the victim and shove the shame out of your life forever.


If you are living with PCOS and are sick and tired of ….

  • hiding and holding yourself back so no-one notices your excess body hair, thinning hair, weight or acne
  • battling cravings for PCOS promoting foods
  • feeling like a freak and embarrassed by your out of control body
  • thinking you are not feminine enough – whatever that means
  • being depressed and hopeless that things will ever change….




This is the program for PCOS survivors who are serious about taking their lives back from this bitch of a syndrome and owning the powerful, passionate and perfect woman you really are.

There is a lot of medical and dietary advice available, but there is not a lot of support for the emotional turmoil that living with PCOS brings.

How do you cope with the shame and hopelessness of excess body hair, male pattern balding, out of control weight and infertility?

How do you shine in the world when all you want to do is hide away, angry, depressed and helpless to live in confident freedom?

This is how I can help you……



You can be free from self doubt, self disgust and self criticism and love, accept and respect yourself and your body RIGHT NOW, just as you are.




• 6 one on one Deep Transformation Sessions on Skype to banish shame and depression and start loving, accepting and trusting your body again (a $360 value)

• EFT tapping videos you can use as often as you like

• deal with your cravings for carbs and making intentional lifestyle choices

• guided journeys for inner wisdom and peace

• inspiring and fun activities to reconnect with yourself

• weekly SelfLove Letter

• facebook community of women dealing with PCOS, just like you

• access to me for help and support


This 8 week program will set you up for a life of self confidence, self love and self acceptance and will change the way you feel forever.  


All this for $450 or two payments of  $250 (If you are in South Africa R 3500 or two payments of R1850)

You will also be eligible for my discount on Deep Transformation Sessions


I know how hard it is to live in this world with PCOS symptoms. I have lived with them for nearly 40 years and I know its not for wimps. I also know it doesn’t have to be so hard, so depressing and so hopeless. You can read about my journey with PCOS here

PCOS does not have to ruin your life, your love or your dreams!

I would love to chat with you so email me below to see if I am the right person to help you take your power and your life back from PCOS.