My PCOS story began at puberty with excess body hair and irregular heavy periods.  At 14 I was put on Diane, a birth control pill, to try to manage my estrogen/testosterone balance and told I would not be able to have children naturally but I could get some help when the time came.  Keep in mind this was 1977 and not too much was known about the condition, but infertility was expected.  By 15 I was having electrolysis weekly but at 17 I decided to start shaving my face as the growth of hair was far exceeding the capabilities of electrolysis.

At 19 I had a biopsy of my ovaries and no follicles were discovered.  The endocrinologists and gynecologists had no further help to offer.  I saw a Homeopath and a Sangoma, but nothing made the slightest difference.

My parents did not give up however and the next year saw me in San Francisco at a teaching hospital being prodded and poked and thoroughly shamed by crowds of students peering at my exposed self.  I felt like a pin-cushion and looked like a junkie after the many blood tests I endured.  I was put onto several vicious meds including cortisone.  I dutifully took them all for about 3 years with absolutely no effect except to get fatter and hairier and develop a big puffy chin or should I say chins which have never left me.  I finally had enough and decided the chemicals were more harmful than my condition so I stopped all meds.  Instead I have laser therapy, wax, pluck and shave.

My greatest joy has been laser therapy which has diminished my full beard and five o’clock shadow. I started it in 1999 and after 23 sessions over 4 years I began to see a vast improvement.   Now 16 years later I have about 3 sessions a year and only shave every 2nd day, mostly because my greying beard glints in the sun if I don’t.  I have no five  o’clock shadow.  The the rest of my body is pretty much as hairy as ever.

Although I  have worked with my body image and emotional response my whole life, EFT has been such a powerful life changer.  It has helped me to really love and accept myself just as I am, something I have never felt before.  I became so much more at peace with my body and my pcos symptoms, feeling beautiful and powerful and fine to be me, overweight, hairy and unusual.

And of course, things change.

In 2011 I began experiencing the joys of menopause with PCOS.  Increased blood pressure, insulin resistance and male pattern balding.  The last has really pushed me over the edge and proud Leo that I am, the prospect of losing my mane has got me back investigating solutions.  Besides my luscious locks, it is now my health that is being compromised by these hormonal changes.  Although I have been overweight since puberty – all the dieting did not keep the weight off – it is the health risk that PCOS and menopause bring that is getting me very serious about losing some more weight and I am making changes to my diet and lifestyle in order to do so.  With the help of EFT and MATRIX REIMPRINTING I am doing it.  I tap most days and this keeps me facing and releasing my fears and helplessness.  I feel great, able to deal with these changes and stronger all the time.  My menopausal wise woman is claiming her power and using it with grace and fierce intent.  It’s beautiful and very empowering.

So, I understand YOU, you fabulous PCOS woman, you.  To share what has worked when nothing else did, I have developed a short program PCOS POWER,  to take your power and your life back, to help you love and accept yourself just as you are.  To keep sticking to your food choices and conquer your addictions.  To enjoy using your body. To release the shame, pain and blame that you have endured for years and to stand in the full power of your enhanced woman nature, strong and proud and beautiful.

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