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Are you struggling with the symptoms of PCOS?  Is it hard to accept yourself and your body?  Finding it difficult to reduce your carbs?

You will be amazed how a fews rounds of EFT can reduce cravings and help relieve the stress and upset living with PCOS can bring.  Give it a try, its fee and easy.  


It is now known that 5 – 10 % of all women are affected by what is misleadingly called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome; a bunch of symptoms that may, or may not include follicles on the ovaries, infertility, hirsutism, acne, weight gain, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, heart disease and endometriosis to name a few.  It can begin at puberty or even after giving birth to a child and has often been difficult to diagnose and treat because of its varied symptoms.  Many medical practitioners have been mostly ignorant about it till more recently.  Its causes are not clear but insulin sensitivity, excess androgens and even toxins have been sited.  It is now becoming recognized as an important medical issue as it affects so many and is being investigated more thoroughly than ever before with many more solutions offered than in the 1970’s when I was first dealing with it.

The effect of these symptoms often leave women feeling a profound sense of shame, despair and hatred for their bodies and themselves as women.   Drugs are not always effective and can have horrible side effects, fertility treatment is expensive and debilitating and not always successful, hair removal is expensive and doesn’t deal with the whole problem, and often the symptoms get worse over time and can be life threatening in the long term.

The emotional toll that this syndrome takes on women is heavy.  Depression, despair, anger, hiding, isolation, helplessness and binge eating are all very common.

What is becoming clear is that food and exercise play a very important role in managing PCOS symptoms as insulin resistance affects most sufferers, fat and thin, and conventional dieting does not lead to weight loss for many obese PCOS women.  Many PCOS women turn to food for comfort and calming, insulin resistance just increases the craving for sugar and lack of exercise often accompanies the feeling of being fat and self conscious and hopeless. When you have PCOS, you can put on weight very easily and it’s often difficult to lose it and keep it off.

The issue of femininity, feeling beautiful, fecund and womanly is also difficult for many.  Having excess body hair, male pattern balding, infertility, acne in odd places and obesity can make you feel less than sexy and feminine.  Well, I think we are more than just female, we are the next evolution, we have both feminine and masculine energy, which just makes us more interesting and complex people.  Embracing your uniqueness is liberating and rewarding.



Although I do not think dieting helps most overweight women if their emotional issues are not released first, it seems to be agreed that PCOS sufferers need to address their insulin and hormonal balance along with their emotional issues.  This can be done with food and exercise and EFT can help you stick to your eating and exercise goals.  It will help you deal with the cravings, frustration and loss that come with changing any addictive or habitual behavior.  Stress is a very real obstacle to weight loss and increases the craving for sugar.  Eft helps reduce stress and directly addresses how you feel about yourself and how you deal with your PCOS.  This is a technique that helps you through the tough times while it clears away your old destructive beliefs about you and your body.  It took me quite a while to be comfortable even saying “I love and accept myself”.  I didn’t and I did not believe I ever would and I felt like a fraud saying it.  Now it is true and I feel, act and respond differently to everything.  EFT will help you learn to love and accept yourself just as you are, an enormous life changer.  You can feel free and fabulous just as you are.

You can try it out for yourself right now with the free video KICK THE CARBS at the top of the page.


LIVING WITH PCOS Learning to Love Yourself with PCOS

Included in this 4 week LIVING WITH PCOS PROGRAM (released soon) are two 1hr DEEP TRANSFORMATION  sessions with me on Skype where we tap away your deepest PCOS issues.  In addition there are 3 tap-a-long videos that deal with specific common PCOS problems. You can use these over and over until your difficulties are resolved.  We all have our own journeys and you can take all the time you need to tap through yours.  In these videos the very particular emotional and physical experiences of PCOS women are addressed directly and sensitively.

Included in the package you get a mp3 visualization, weekly inspirations and self-love letters reminding you that all peace starts with self acceptance and releasing emotional trauma.  As PCOS needs nutritional monitoring there is also information, support and new ideas to keep you focused and excited about this.  I share some fun and easy exercise ideas if you need some encouragement to get moving and feel free in your body at any size.

If weight loss is an issue for you and you like tapping, download my free ebook LOSING WEIGHT WITH EFT on the right above and you can also join the LOVING YOUR WEIGHT OFF program.  Six months of tap-a-long videos, inspiration and support for self-love and acceptance focussed on losing weight.  It is very affordable and will keep you tapping away all your old destructive patterns long enough to make some permanent life changes.  Check it out here.


Lauren has a very empathic and insightful presence. She gently enables you to become more aware of parts of your Self that are needing care and attention.  I found the EFT session very insightful, moving and relaxing.  Lauren is a very authentic and creative healer and I would highly recommend her for all her healing work.
Liane  –


Lauren embraces authenticity and empathy in her work and holds a deep connection with Spirit which resonates in her EFT sessions.  Her intuition and experience support the process in a loving way and I feel a deep peace and resolution after a session with her.  EFT is like magic, and working with Lauren assisted me to go deeper into the process as her guiding offers support and a safe place to go into the deep emotional spaces that are not always easy to go into when working with EFT on my own.  I am truly grateful to Lauren for her training and experience that has added depth and integrity to EFT for me.
Nidhi Chaitow – Transformational Counsellor, Facilitator and Coach –

DEEP TRANSFORMATION SESSIONS – freedom from old beliefs that keep you stuck

These DEEP TRANSFORMATION 1-2-1 sessions are for going  deeply into your individual issues.  There is nothing as powerfully transforming as exploring your own destructive patterns and releasing them.  What is it that keeps you stuck in shame and embarrassment and body hate?  These sessions help you tap away your old emotional programming so you can find a new way to live and love yourself, even with your symptoms.   End the hiding, shame and self pity.  Be the glorious, special and valuable woman you are.