Reclaiming your authentic self

Welcome to RECLAIMING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF for your business and your life.


These tools will bring you into right relation with all you do. They will help you reconnect to your real self and your true value.  You will find it easier to access your authentic voice and share your gifts with your clients and loved ones.  The way opens when we are in integrity in all that we do, our confidence grows and we walk in harmony with the inner knowing of a person of power.

It is so important in business nowadays to find a way to stand out from the crowd and the best way to do that is to embrace your unique self. If you have been learning and growing by emulating other successful trail-blazers in your industry you may have forgotten your own voice and style. You may have lost confidence in your special gifts and the very unique being that you are. You may be struggling to find your true expression so you can stand out in your industry.  There is so much to learn from others, but in order to create something that works for you, you have to go deep inside and find your divine spark of creativity. Take all your knowledge and learning and experience and present your business to the world with your voice. Then your ideal clients will be able to hear you above the noisy crowd. The tools in this package will help you do this.



Journey to Reclaim Your True Self

To find your unique style you must remember who you really are.  Who were you before life and learning molded, coaxed, pushed, beat and shaped you into who you are today.

This journey will take you to find your true essence beyond space and time.  Using shamanic drumming and with the help of animal guides and my voice, you will journey, in non-ordinary reality, to your essential self and reclaim it. This is an act of power and healing and will impact your life in subtle and obvious ways. Do not take it lightly, it is a deep process, one you are ready to take. I recommend that you do this journey at least 5 times in the next two weeks. This will help enormously to embody who and what you really are and to adjust to this expanded beingness. If you are new to the Shamanic Journey process then it may take a few times to fully focus and relax into it. This process is safe and you can come back to ordinary reality at any time if you need to. It is important to make sure you will not be disturbed while you are on the journey. Turn off phones, alerts and any other devices that may disturb you. Please follow the instructions and return when guided and the drumming speeds up. This journey lasts 24 minutes. It is best to lie down on your back with a scarf or sock covering your eyes. If you have back problems, placing a pillow under your knees may help. If you prefer to sit, thats fine as long as you are comfortable and your body can relax completely.

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If you want to find out more about Shamanism and the Shamanic Journey go HERE to


Tapping away Fear and Doubt to find Your Authentic Voice

When you follow this EFT session you will remember who you are underneath all the teaching you have received from others.  You will allow yourself to use your own voice and personality to shine into the world.  You know what others have done, now find your own way to share your gifts and live your business.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique –  is a meridian tapping technique where you tap on the end points of the energy channels (meridians) in the body while speaking aloud your truth about your problem, condition or situation. In this session we address the doubts and fears you have about shining your true light into the world through your business. You may be unsure of your authentic voice and how to express yourself. You may not feel that your gifts are valuable enough or needed and this is holding you back. We tap away these inhibiting feelings and open the way to a confident and unique expression of your gifts in your business and life. With this tap-along video, all you need to do is follow me. You tap on your body where I tap on my body and you repeat the words I say. After each sentence there is a gap where you can repeat my words. When you are familiar with the process, you can use you own words if mine do not express your truth. This will speed up your transformation. If you are new to EFT, the session may seem ‘negative’ in the beginning because we are addressing the issue as it is now. The only way to smooth out disrupted energy is to acknowledge our truth. From there we can move through the blocks and into freedom. The session ends positively, I promise.

If you are new to tapping go HERE to watch a video on How To Tap If you are interested in finding out more about EFT you can go HERE.


Earth Mother

Repetitive singing or chanting alters our state of consciousness, it is like a meditation. It vibrates your whole body and organs in a gentle internal massage.   Throughout time singing has connected humans with the divine in ourselves and all around us.

This song is a prayer for connection to our earth,to  the Great Mother (the creative force of the universe from which we all come and are part of, whatever name you choose to give it) and the guidance of your heart. It is for you to sing, not just to listen to. Sing this song to connect with your life on planet earth, all material existence, your body, work and relationships. Sing it when you are feeling doubt, disconnected, overwhelmed and alone. Let the words and the beautiful melody and the heart beat hold and support you as a mother would. When you know who you are and your heart is full of connection and true expression, you act with love for yourself and all that is, you come from your authenticity and you walk this earth with the confidence of a person of power.

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If you would like more Sacred Songs you can find them HERE   I hope you enjoyed the process of Reclaiming Your Authentic Self. It has been my pleasure to be part of your sacred journey through life. If you would like to contact me there is a Contact tab at the top of the page. With Love and Light signature