Hi Soul Bootcampers,

Here is your free ebook, Losing Weight with EFT, Losing Weight with love



Are you tired of dieting and regaining all the weight?

•  Sick of hating your body and yourself for being fat?  

•   Disgusted that you can’t lose weight and keep it off?  

•   Helpless to control your cravings and overeating?  

•   Scared that your weight is affecting your health?  

•   Desperate to find something that works?

Ditch the diet mentality and get to the real reasons why you are overweight. Discover why you eat to feel better, so you can free yourself from addiction and overeating. Using Emotional Freedom Technique you can love and accept your weight off by releasing the old pain and current addictions that keep you turning to food for comfort, support, love and numbing out.

When you appreciate your body and yourself you can lose weight easily and naturally.




  If you are struggling with weight, food and body issues get a

Private EFT session with me for the amazing price of $25 until the 1st November. 

(normal price is $50)

You can even pass this offer along to someone you know who can benefit from it.  Share this link with a friend or family member who is struggling with emotional overeating and body acceptance.

The session will deal with your biggest block, pain point or frustration that stops you accepting yourself and your body just as it is.  Releasing or shifting this will help you start to eat from physical hunger not emotional pain and addiction.  It will help you choose what you eat consciously and put you back in charge of your eating so you can lose weight naturally without deprivation or will power.

Contact me in the form below with the subject Soul Bootcamp Special to set up a session or if you want to chat or need more information.  Contacting me does not oblige you to do or buy anything.  I welcome the opportunity to connect and share with you.