There are a few conditions that need mentioning before you sign up for your goodies. 

I will never share, rent or sell your email address.  I use and have created all the products and programs sold on this site.

The images on this site are creative commons or my own work and cannot be used anywhere else without my permission, which can be obtained by email request on the contact page.

EFT is a safe and easy to use technique with no known side effects or harmful results.  When you use the content of the packages and programs created by myself and sold on this site, you do so at your own risk and with full knowledge and understanding of your responsibility to seek medical attention if needed, before, or during any program bought here.

I do not offer any guarantee of weight loss, that is really up to you and the choices you make, but I can promise you that if you use the program as directed you will feel much much better about yourself, your body and your life.   When using these products you take full responsibility for yourself and your emotional well being.  Signing up for a program assumes you have already tried my free tap-a-long videos or have previous experience with EFT meridian tapping, so you know what you will be using as a main tool.  There is no magic wand and success with the program means you have to use the material provided regularly for the recommended time.  However, if you are really not satisfied after using the material as directed,  let me know what issues you are having and we can find a solution.  

When you buy any of the programs on this site you are agreeing to use the material sent to you for your own private use only.  It is not ok to rent, copy, modify or sell any content from any program you buy on this site.  

Comments posted on the blog articles that are harmful, hurtful or otherwise defamatory shall be deleted and the person put on notice to stop all such comments.  If they persist they shall be banned from the site.   This site is about accepting yourself and others and is not a place for insults or unwarranted criticism.  Argument or opposing viewpoints can sometimes be helpful, but insults or offensive language directed at another is not.  This is a safe space where we are free to be who we are without fear of judgement or ridicule.  We have all had enough of that from ourselves and others.

Thank you so much,

Enjoy your program and I wish you success and joy,

Lauren Sweet

 April 2014